A Better Man partnered with National Film Board Education and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation to develop a high school learning kit that helps students unpack the film and share stories about what it means to take responsibility when we hurt people we care for.

The kit is publicly available at NFB Education as a study guide under Teacher Resources. NFB Study Guides are designed to facilitate the integration of NFB films into the classroom and are written by Canadian educators for use in Canadian classrooms. They can be used as a starting point for teachers elsewhere to create their own lesson plans.

Educators can access the film through CAMPUS, the NFB’s education portal. You may already have a subscription through your institution, school district or Ministry of Education. To find out, visit

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Download Curriculum Guide (French)


Workplaces can be spaces of support and catalysts of change for employees in violent relationships. A Better Man has partnered with the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) to create a discussion guide for unions interested in sharing the film with their members. Download the union guide below or visit the CLC’s Domestic Violence at Work learning centre. We are also working with Make It Our Business to design a resource for employers.

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Download union guide
Download union guide (French)


Campus and community groups that host screenings of A Better Man will receive a community screening guide. The guide features discussion prompts and other tips and suggestions for building a supportive space to reflect on the film and connect it with important work happening in your local community to end gender-based violence. For more information, email us at

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Book an engaging talk or training session from an A Better Man team member or partner to enrich your screening or other workplace, campus or community event.

A Better Man Co-Director

Book for: Keynote, Q&A, panel

Learn about: Her reasons for making A Better Man, what supportive intervention can look like, and what she hopes audience members will take away from the film to inform their own relationships and communities.

Great for: Anyone

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A Better Man Key Subject
Bridges Institute

Book for: Keynote, Q&A, panel, training, restorative facilitation

Learn about: His work helping men take responsibility for repairing the harms they have created after intimate partner violence or sexual harassment.

Great for: Service providers, post-secondary schools, employers, professional associations

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A Better Man Workplace Education Partner

Book for: Keynote, Q&A, panel, training

Learn about: How workplaces can help people experiencing violence find safety and healing, and support people using violence in stopping.

Great for: Employers, professional associations and other workplace representatives

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